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Each local Academy offers more than 100 courses of instruction in the classroom!

Welcome to The Academy
We welcome you to The Academy's website! Academy of English Language Learning, universally known simply as "The Academy" to all, is a franchised association of instructional institutions that offer professional-level classroom instruction in a respectful, non-competitive, learning-rich environment to a very wide range of Students. In addition to English ESL language instruction, The Academy also provides writing skills instruction, cursive writing instruction, and very special literacy instruction. Our schools are conveniently located in metropolitan areas as well as suburban areas, providing excellent instruction virtually twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. The Academy offers instruction in its own classrooms as well as in hosts' classrooms for added convenience and schedule flexibility. There is a wealth of information here on our website. Review it at your leisure and convenience. If you have any questions at all about courses, schedules, instruction, materials, or any other aspect of The Academy, please feel free to telephone your local Academy unit or visit with a member of its staff.

We look forward to seeing you in a class here at The Academy very soon. Once again, welcome to The Academy.

About The Academy
The Academy is the home of professional, specialized, affordable English language learning.

The Academy is an instructional institution that provides professional-level classroom English language instruction to a wide variety of Students. Our course offerings are designed to be specific to the needs of individuals, professionals, and companies, whether propelled by personal desires to learn, by a recognized professional need, or by competitive business demands. We offer over 100 courses and have over 100 specialized text/work books and corresponding audio recordings (for English ESL language courses) to support these courses of instruction. These courses can be categorized into six distinct series:

General English Language Learning- This series of courses addresses varying skill levels from beginners, to intermediate, to the advanced Students who want to learn the English language. These courses help to build and strengthen their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The courses begin with the essentials of the English language and take the Student into conversational proficiency and beyond in advanced English language courses.

"English In" Series- This series of courses consists of vocation-specific courses (i.e. the grocery store, the retail store, the restaurant, the pharmacy, the office, landscaping, and housekeeping) designed to improve an individual's ability to interact and timely respond to supervisors and tend to the employer's needs and customers' safety, security, and general service needs with skill and confidence. The Academy has also created several very special "English In" series of courses for the fields of medicine, aviation, business, investigation, and the culinary arts. Employment must never be compromised by a language barrier.

The After School Series- This series of courses is designed to support, augment, and aid school-aged Students in their journey to learn the English language in a comfortable, non-competitive, nurturing environment surrounded by others of the same age and with the same goal.

Academy Literacy Project- This series of courses is a specialized series of courses that are specifically designed to help address the literacy problem that exists today in communities across the nation. It takes the Student from the very basics of English (starting with the alphabet) to short story writing in six month-long courses.

Writing Skills Series- This series of courses is designed for high school Students and adults alike: high school Students wanting to gain the skills needed to successfully prepare for college or the workforce, and adults wanting to dramatically improve their ability to communicate through better writing skills either for personal writing pleasure or for business and career needs.

Cursive Writing Series- This series of courses is designed for elementary school Students, junior and senior high school Students, and postsecondary adult Students who want to learn the art of cursive writing the proper way and practice it extensively.

Why The Academy?
The Academy meets the needs of the emerging global economy and social structure.

The need has never been greater for The Academy's instruction than today. The world is changing every day, and the need continues to expand exponentially for the instruction and training that is available here at The Academy as individuals and businesses find that advanced English language learning is no longer optional...but is requisite to success, service, safety, and security. Superior writing skills, too, must be developed and honed in order for the individual to be able to take advantage of the needs and demands of our communication-driven world.

We have our own unique classroom curriculums, text/work books, and audio recordings that are exclusive to The Academy and are designed to meet all of the needs of individuals, professionals, and businesses!

The Academy is Affordable

The Academy offers over 100 affordable courses, with specialized curriculums, text/work books and corresponding audio recordings included in the course fees.

The Academy Offers Every Student...
  • professional English language and writing Instructors
  • intensive classroom instruction
  • a formal, written curriculum
  • a text/work book for at-home practice
  • an audio recording to promote proper pronunciation and to augment listening skills for all English language courses
We Teach You to Communicate In Our English Language Courses...

Our high standards of instruction allow you the time to learn and practice so that you walk away after each class knowing that you have made progress in your quest to learn the English language. You will learn to...
  • speak the English language intelligibly
  • listen to and understand the spoken language
  • read the language
  • write the language

We have specialized English language instruction for beginners, both young and young at heart, as well as advanced courses for the more advanced Student. Our vocation-specific courses are designed to strengthen the individual's ability to build an enduring relationship with the employer and customers through communication.

The Academy Offers Convenience

Our schools are conveniently located in cities all across the USA. We're close to your home, your office, or your business.

If you prefer, we'll bring our English language instruction to you! Do you have a group of fifteen to twenty-five Students who want to take one of our English ESL language courses, writing skills courses, cursive writing courses, or literacy courses at your facility? Great! We'll make every effort to accommodate your group with instruction at your facility. Just contact your local Academy for details.

The Academy System of Learning
We firmly believe that your personal life and business life and opportunities should never be compromised by an English language barrier. We'll help you to eliminate that language barrier through the best and most extensive English language learning instruction available. There is no satisfactory substitute for classroom instruction when it comes to any educational experience. Enjoy the greatest benefits from our proven system of classroom instruction and excellent text/work books and audio recordings. We offer:

Exclusive Curriculums and Text/work Books- Unlike other schools, The Academy has its own library of English language books so that all courses and materials are in perfect sync and the experience is enhanced because the learning pattern is the same for all courses.

Professional Instructors- All Instructors are thoroughly trained in The Academy System of Instruction before they begin teaching at The Academy. Again, the learning experience is enhanced because every Instructor uses our set curriculum, is in sync with our standards, and is committed to our goal of offering the best English language learning experience available to every Student.

Classroom Learning- A professional English language Instructor will create a great learning experience through intensive classroom instruction, group practice sessions, thorough lesson reviews, and periodic testing. Each English language course includes this classroom experience, a corresponding text/work book, and an audio recording to be used at home to practice and improve the skills being taught... all included in the course fee.

Broad Course Selection- Whether you want to learn the English language for future travel and enjoyment, to integrate successfully into a new community, to improve relations with employers and customers who speak English, to be able to better perform your avocation or profession, or to improve your ability to achieve a higher rate of pay and promotion, we have the courses to help you achieve your goals. Or perhaps you have a child who is just learning to speak the English language and needs more time and attention to be successful... we have the course series to help your son or daughter have more fun and success in English language learning. You can also enroll in our writing skills courses in order to dramatically improve your written work product at work or simply to be able to write superior correspondence or stories. Cursive writing courses for all levels of Students are available. And, we have exceptional Literacy courses for Students who wish to enhance their abilities to read and write.
Our Learning System has been developed to offer the most satisfying and enjoyable learning experience available today. Anyone can learn a new language, improve writing skills, or even become literate with commitment and practice, and by doing so, open a whole new world to enjoy.

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